Prototype Your Agile Organization: Online Workshop

Prototype Your Agile Organization: Online Workshop

There is one really good way to learn what Agile Organization is. It's called doing it.

Agile is difficult to understand in theory, but as soon as you experience it, you will instantly understand it - with all its potentials and pitfalls.

In this online workshop, we will create a real-world prototype of your own Agile organization.

Over a period of 5 weeks, from 24 May - 28 June 2018, you will create your own experiment with Agile. Twice a week, I will send you a short video with an Agile input and instructions for exercises that you can then introduce to the regular workflow in your organization in real time. Together, we'll walk through all the central elements of an Agile organization - and find out what Agile principles would look like in your own set-up. At the end of the online workshop, you will know from experience what works - and what doesn't - and how to move forward.

During the workshop period, we work on slack to exchange questions and learnings from your experiments. I will be there to guide you in your implementation of your Agile prototype.


What Will I Learn?

We will tackle five central elements of Agile organization:

  1. Your Purpose: What is the core of your "Why" that gives meaning to your work? Who and where are your people? Are you aligned with the purpose of your organization?

  2. Your Organization's Purpose: What is your organization's (or your team's) "Why"? Who are you serving and what is the value you are creating for your community? As a team, are you aligned with each other?

  3. Your Decision-Making Processes: How easy is it to test innovative ideas and move out of the ordinary in your organization? What would your decision-making processes look like, if they were geared towards enabling people to do their best work?

  4. Your Organizational Structure: What would an Agile organizational structure look like that matches your organization's DNA? How far would self-management go in your organization? How would you organize and coordinate your work?

  5. Impact Loops: How can you start working in sprints? What would it mean to make the smallest possible change in the real world - and then scale what works and skip what doesn't?


How much time does this take?

It takes a minimum of 30 minutes per day to participate in this workshop. This workshop works best if you sign up with (some of) your team mates, but you can also work through this alone and start testing the waters in your organization all by yourself. It is best to participate live during the workshop period, but all the videos are recorded and the material will be available to you for an additional 3 months after the workshop has ended.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for you if are either frustrated or curious (ideally: both). If you are frustrated with the way your organization works, it means that you care about human interaction and are keen to amplify your impact. If you are curious about Agile organization, it means that you are a pioneer and ready to test something out of the ordinary. No prior knowledge about Agile organization is required, but you might want to prepare yourself to trust a process that you cannot fully control.


Am i ready for Agile - and what is it, anyway?!

In this webinar, I shared 3 experiments that you can use to test your organization's readiness for Agile (jump to 1:05:00). I also explained some of the basic concepts of Agile organization (at 00:06:10) and what we know about what actually works and what doesn't (at 00:25:25).

How much does it cost?

The online workshop costs 250 CHF per person. For team discounts, please get in touch. The workshop is free for the members of organizations already working with me.




Any questions before we start? Please get in touch.

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