Let's Leap

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Move With Purpose

Be Your Own Guide

Your sense of purpose is what keeps you on track when you decide to challenge the status quo and leap. I facilitate experimental learning spaces that anchor you firmly in your own purpose. I combine deep internal self-reflection with rigorous external analysis to help you re-envision your present and future, build effective strategies and take self-determined, meaningful action for yourself and others.


Start A Movement

From Conspiracy To Culture

Whatever you are going to change, one thing is for sure: You cannot do it alone. When you collaborate for a shared purpose, you will work against limiting structures, beyond formal hierarchies, and across existing divides. I can help you turn your revolutionary ideas into a nurturing culture that thrives. I facilitate transformative processes for groups of self-driven people who build strong movements within their organizations and beyond.


About Sibylle

Hi, I'm Sibylle. I’m here to help you embrace your sense of purpose and build a strong movement.



THE LOOP is a place for purpose-driven people who are ready to challenge the status quo. If you are a free spirit at heart, and you are troubled by the urge to transform the human culture - this place is for you. Come visit us in the Lorraine in Bern!