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Sibylle Stamm

Co-Active Coach


Sibylle is a Co-Active Coach. She holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Zurich and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford. Over a period of 10 years, she worked in conflict transformation in the Middle East on behalf of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN, and non-profit organisations. Today, she coaches individuals who seek to live a life of purpose and make meaningful change for themselves and others. In her coaching practice, she combines co-active coaching methods with the latest neuroscience research, innovative change strategy, mind-body science, somatic technologies and the arts. She is the founder of THE LOOP, a co-working space in Bern, Switzerland.

The Background Story

Hi, I am Sibylle. I am a Co-Active Coach.

My clients are artists, activists, corporate executives, NGO leaders, diplomats, professors and social entrepreneurs.

What we have in common is that we are called to live a life of purpose.

I can trace my own quest for purpose to my early teenage years. I was driven by the idea to free the world from war.

I studied Political Science so I could understand how power works. I moved to the Middle East, learned Arabic, and volunteered in refugee camps.

When I experienced firsthand how power works in war-torn societies, I felt helpless, angry - and guilty for my own privileged life.

At the time, I had only one logical solution to my emotional turmoil: work harder to make more impact.

Over a period of 10 years, I worked passionately on the resolution of conflicts with the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN and non-profit organisations. I co-founded and built DROPS Community Progress, an NGO providing professional training programs for refugees in Lebanon.

Until, one day, it simply made no more sense to me.

For a long time, I had harbored severe doubts about my approach to transforming human lives and societies. I knew that the bureaucratic, patriarchal system in which I worked was utterly broken. And I knew that by following the rules, I was causing harm to myself and to the people I intended to serve.

But there are two kinds of knowing. There is the cerebral knowing you can ignore. And there is the visceral knowing to which you have to surrender.

This was the second kind.

A new path was called for. A path that didn’t exist yet. A path that I would make by walking.

Through a long process of self-driven experimentation, I came to witness how human transformation unfolds in myself and in others.

Inspired by the practice of Zen, I remembered how to listen. I explored the mystery of my own mind and learned how to work with my thoughts and emotions.

Inspired by artists, I remembered how to play. I experimented with the creative process, dared to live into the unknown and build something from scratch again.

Over time, a fuller way of being in the world emerged.

And a fuller way of working followed.

In my work as a coach today, I combine rigorous external analysis with deep internal self-reflection. I build on proven change strategies and I pursue non-linear intuition. I combine cognitive knowledge and emotional sensitivity. I believe in the power of accountability and poetry. And I work from a place of curiosity and invite creative action.

The path of purpose is not a complicated path.

It emerges when we stand in the truth of what is and commit to joining our inner life with our outer presence in the world.

Are you curious?